Issue #0 now online

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 Issue #0 now online

Just follow the link on the right side of the page, and enjoy your read!


2010 Joe Con Booth Pictures

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DSC00643 1 2010 Joe Con Booth Pictures

DSC00644 2010 Joe Con Booth Pictures

DSC00640A 2010 Joe Con Booth Pictures

DSC00639 2010 Joe Con Booth Pictures

DSC00638 2010 Joe Con Booth Pictures


Our Newsletter makes eBay.

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logoEbay x45 Our Newsletter makes eBay.

Apparently, some people are just unclear on the concept. As such, they’ve decided to profit off the hard work and effort of our contributors by posting a copy of issue #2 on eBay. Folks, listen. We are not here to make money. Our contributors are not in this for the money. NO ONE should be involved in this hobby for the money. It’s a hobby. It’s a brotherhood (with a few sisters thrown in for good taste). The entire concept of profit is completely antithetical to what we are doing, and what we’re about.
I encourage folks not to bid on this. We will have an online version up here on the site soon enough for your reading enjoyment.
Feel free to let the seller know your opinions.

Sam “Nomad” Damon
Owner, Joe Declassified


Thanks for stopping by!

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JoeCon 2010 has come and gone!  Thanks so much for stopping by the Declassified booth and taking a look at the hidden side of GI Joe.  We hope you had a fun time looking at what we had to offer and got a chance to pick up the newsletter.  We will see you next year!!


G.I. Joe trivia tidbit.

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Why wait for the newsletter?

I figure that there are so many bits and pieces of information out there that may or may not be fit for an entire article, so we’ll start throwing some of them up here on the site as they come.


Joe Colton (the name given by Hasbro during the Marvel Comics run for the original G.I.Joe figure) was named after the son of Kirk Bozigian, Colton Joesph Bozigian.  Unfortunately, our offer to puchase Colton for display was rebuffed by Kirk.  icon wink G.I. Joe trivia tidbit.

GeneralColton G.I. Joe trivia tidbit.


Sign up for our newsletter!

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Be sure to sign up for our newsletter.  Enter your email address in the field on the right and we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest Joe Declassified news!  Follow the link to take a look at the issue that started it all.

Visit the Joe Declassified Booth @ JoeCon

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Be sure to visit the Joe Declassified Booth at JoeCon!  We’ll once again be showing some rare production and pre-production pieces for the enjoyment of the community.  In addition, we’ll be handing out copies of issue #1 of our free newsletter (last year’s was issue #0)!!  Come talk with us and share in the joy of what we think G.I.Joe collecting should be…See you there!