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logoEbay x45 Our Newsletter makes eBay.

Apparently, some people are just unclear on the concept. As such, they’ve decided to profit off the hard work and effort of our contributors by posting a copy of issue #2 on eBay. Folks, listen. We are not here to make money. Our contributors are not in this for the money. NO ONE should be involved in this hobby for the money. It’s a hobby. It’s a brotherhood (with a few sisters thrown in for good taste). The entire concept of profit is completely antithetical to what we are doing, and what we’re about.
I encourage folks not to bid on this. We will have an online version up here on the site soon enough for your reading enjoyment.
Feel free to let the seller know your opinions.

Sam “Nomad” Damon
Owner, Joe Declassified



done and done. I sent the seller a message urging him
to end the auction.

Gyre-Viper @ May 10, 2010 1:12 am


Thanks for encouraging a lynch mob.I came on the site to learn more about you guys and see this. Great way to keep the hobby going. Maybe waiting for me respond to you before you posted on every Joe site negative things about me may have been a more adult approach.

popculturecentral @ May 10, 2010 5:08 am


Is it legal to encourage people to not bid on items another person owns? Slander? Defamation of character?

popculturecentral @ May 10, 2010 5:25 am


Sir, you miss the concept. What are you doing in my hobby? Would it be legal for me to cast a Voodoo curse on you?

Count Blacktron @ May 10, 2010 10:44 am


To clarify some commentary (from multiple sites):

Yes, there are 2 advertisers. No, the money they pay in doesn’t come [i]close[/i] to defraying the costs involved with the entire project. This year, sponsor (paid advertisers) accounted for approximately 16% of costs involved. The rest was money out of pocket.

To the others who commented:

There is no legal concern with someone reselling our newsletter. To those who feel that it is their property, and they may do with it as they wish – I have no technical rebuttal of such an argument.
However, we feel that from a moral standpoint, the selling is antithetical to everything we’re trying to accomplish in this hobby.

[b]From our mission statement:[/b] “We wish to work with other existing groups that are fan owned, operated and oriented, and seek to put aside those here solely to profit at the collectors expense”

and, : “We are putting our money where our mouth is. None of our endeavors will be for profit. A stronger, collaborative community is reward enough. Our newsletter was, and will continue to be, free to the collector”

Thus, we feel that making a profit from the newsletter is going against the very purpose of it’s existence. We cannot prevent anyone from selling them, but we can ask. If you have a copy, and do not want it, please “pay it forward” so to speak, and freely pass it on to someone. Additionally, as we intend to post all the newsletter content on our website, we would hate to see our audience pay for information that can, and should, be theirs at no cost.

Even our 2 sponsors were chosen with care. Both are long-standing members of the Joe collecting community. Each would still participate in the hobby vigorously with, or without, their business involvements.

Regardless, the seller has ended the auction, and I hold no ill will. To the seller: The “lynch mob” is who tracked you down and enabled me to send the 1 message I sent. I do appreciate you capitulating to our desire, rather than being spiteful. It goes a long way with me.

Nomad @ May 10, 2010 11:47 pm


I find it very refreshing to see high quality work and effort being put into our hobby for the love of it, and not to make a buck. I salute your intentions, wish you the bestest of luck, and will follow this website with great interest. From a long time Joe fan, Thanks for what you are doing! Peace

Tom @ May 12, 2010 2:10 am

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