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    In addition to publishing a newsletter, we have an annual (3 years now) “Traveling Booth” display we’ve been setting up at Joe Conventions. As hefty risk, several people have been transporting their own personal items from their collections in order to share with the collector community at large. Some of these items are one-of-a-kind and could be destroyed in transport. Some are very, very expensive pieces that could easily be targets of theft. Either way, the folks involved deserve recognition for putting their collections on the line to satisfy the curiosity of the rest of us. Thank you to:

    Justin “General Hawk” Bell
    Gary “Cmderinchief” Godsoe
    Dan “Dmooretoys” Moore
    Chris “Topson” Murray
    Dan “VolleyDan” Musick
    Chris Neil
    Troy “Arashikageknight” Perkins
    Patrick “Notpicard” Stewart
    Kevin “Krymsyngard666″ Watts

    These generous men not only do all of the above, but contribute a significant amount of their time at the Convention manning the booth. After paying their own way in, I chain their ankles to the table bottoms, and leave them to rot while I hunt for more figures:

    Josh “roshan” Carlson
    Drew “Dryhawk37″ Haggerty
    Darren Howlett
    Gary “Gyre-Viper” Head
    Dan “Volleydan” Musick
    Chad Sylwester
    Jason “Viper109″ Wells

    Thanks, gents.

    Sam “Nomad” Damon

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