Booth Shots, pt. 2

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More from the GIJCon Declassified booth:

IMG 20120630 073931 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

L to R, top to bottom:

Presentation art for Bio Viper, presentation art for Slice.

Carded Korean Cobra Officer, carded Brazilian Letal, loose Letal, carded Funskool blue Snake-Eyes (1 of 3), carded Funskool Snake-Eyes (2 of 3).

Box for South Korean bootleg Dee-Jay model kit, carded Australian Rock & Roll, carded US Rock & Roll, loose Br. Rock & Roll, loose US Rock & Roll.

IMG 20120630 073920 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

Unique to this photo: All 3 carded Funskool blue Snake-Eyes, carded Japanese Rock & Roll.

IMG 20120630 073848 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

L to R, top to bottom:

Color presentation art for Nunchuk, refined Dorman pencil sketch for Sonic Fighter Dodger.

Carded Funskool blue Snake-Eyes, Funskool Beach-HEad, Funskool emerald Zap, “Argen 7.”

Boxed Mexican Rock & Roll, loose Ar. R&R, loose unknown figure (may be kitbashed), carded Ar. Ninja Ku.

IMG 20120630 073835 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

L to R, top to bottom:

Original Norem artwork for G.I.Joe book, in-house Hasbro copy of Gung-Ho presentation art, Brazilian Water Moccasin box, Br. Furion box, Br. carded Crystal Ball.

Brazilian Python Swampfire, Br. SM Battle Barge, Br. Slugger, Br. Furion (Rage), and Br. Water Moccasin w/Invasor.

IMG 20120630 073755 1 300x174 Booth Shots, pt. 2

IMG 20120630 073811 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

Top to bottom, left to right.

(on the wall) Refined unused concept art for Lobotomaxx, Refined concept art for Caracass

(laying flat) sketch for the creation of the buck used in the sculpting process for L:obotomaxx. U.S. carded salesmen samples for eventual Mexican figures. Mx. Predacon, Mx. Carcass, US Lobotomaxx, Mx. Lobotomaxx. Predacon testshot (on clear bag), Caracas hand painted resin (on clear bag)

IMG 20120630 073824 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

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Booth shots, pt. 1

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From Joe Con 2012:

IMG 20120701 090718 1 300x130 Booth shots, pt. 1
The Mean Dogs, L to R: Mexican, Funskool, UK, Brazil, US.

IMG 20120701 090741 1 300x224 Booth shots, pt. 1

L to R, top to bottom:
UK TF Outback, TF Tunnel Rat, TF Sneak Peek, TF Psyche Out, TF Hit and Run, US SM Lowlight, UK SM Lowlight
US Mean Dog, Argentine Mountain Howitzer, UK TF Blizzard, Argentine Watchtower, US Tiger Sting, UK Tiger Sting, UK Radar Rat.
Argentine Weapon Transport, Argentine Whirlwind, UK Whirlwind, UK FLAK, UK RPV.

IMG 20120630 074922 1 300x224 Booth shots, pt. 1

L to R, top to bottom: (Br.=Brazil, Ar.= Argentina, US=USA, FS.=India)
Arg. Backstop, Br. Biosferra, Br. Biomassa, Br. Biologico, Br. Corrosao, Br. Poluicao, Br. Abutre Negro, Br. Escorpiao Voador, Br. Cobra de Aco, Br. Albatroz, Br. Aguia Commando, Br. Invasor, Br. Cobra Soldier, Br. Scarlett, Br. Estopim (tan Grunt), Ar. Sokerk v1, Ar. Sokerk v2, US tan Grunt.

Br. Tigor, Br. Leontor, Br. Urzor, Br. Kangor, Br. Marujo, Br. Ar Puro, Br. Felino, Br. Relampago, Br. Gatilho, Br. Maligno, US Toxo Viper, US Spirit, Br. Spirit, US Storm Shadow, Ar. Storm Shadow.

US HEAT Viper, Br. Raio Verde, US Crimson Guard Commander, Br. Reptil do Ar, US Ripcord, Ar. Ripcord, US Law, Br. Bolidus, US Blowtorch, Ar. Blowtorch, US Alley Viper, Br. Mortifero, US Iceberg, Br. Pantano, US Beach-Head, Br. Armadilha.

US Rampart, Br. Rampart, US Gung-Ho, Br. Gung-Ho, Us Airborne, Br. Ariborne, Ar. Airborne, US Crazylegs, FS Crazylegs, Ar. Crazylegs, Us Recondo (brown), US Recondo (dull green), US Recondo (bright green), Br. Leopardo, US Quick Kick, Ar. Quick Kick, FS Quick Kick, Br./US mail away Quick Kick.

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Joe Con 2012, New Orleans

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I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone that came by our booth at the show in New Orleans this past weekend. Not only was it a welcome back for co-founder Darren Howlett, but we expanded for the first time into 2 booths, gave out 200 copies of the Joe Declassified Brazil issue, and a Hasbro internal sculpting video on DVD. Not too shabby.
Of course, not of that would at all be possible without each and everyone one of you who came by the booth, talked with us, are members on the board, or donated money. Thank you, you make it worth it.

Sam Damon
Owner, JoeDeclassified

IMG 20120630 074911 1 300x224 Joe Con 2012, New Orleans

IMG 20120630 074902 1 300x224 Joe Con 2012, New Orleans


Discount figures, revised.

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Joe Declassifed staffer has done it again.

DSC 0209 1 228x300 Discount figures, revised.

Yep, that’s T’ginzu, as a repaint of the Storm Shadow from the very soon to hit discount store figures. Check out a few more pictures below, and see all of them here. And… who’s that guy with the necklace?


Unproduced Action Force Concepts

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New member and international jet-setter Dave Tree has been kind enough to show off a few awesome pieces of concept artwork of unproduced Action Force toys.

zforce1Aug84 300x231 Unproduced Action Force Concepts

To see what he has posted and chime in, head here.


JDSO Podcast Episode #5

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Is up! You can either follow the “Podcast” tab at the top or the link at the bottom.
Clocking in at over two hours and armed with a mighty 100-plus images, we conjure up:

- an unproduced ARBCO play set!

- an unproduced version of General Hawk!

- confirm the answer to the mostly-unanswered 25 year old mystery of Low-Light’s leg!

- and we use our crystal ball to peer into where the past meets the future as we bring you in-hand images of the unreleased 30th Anniversary Night-Viper and Crimson Guard who are slated for resurrection in Wave 5 of Retaliation! (more…)


End at the DZ

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There’s only one good way to wrap up this focus on foreign Joe paratroopers (yes, I know Airborne wasn’t a paratrooper per se), and that’s to showcase some of the more noticeable foreign figures that fly through the sky. And when it comes to the air, the sky is owned by Sky Patrol – in this case: Albatroz and Aquia Comando

Aguia Comando is, simply put, one of the better kit-bashed figures to hail from foreign shores. As part of the Joe contingent of “Patrulha do Ar,” He applies an excellent paint scheme (especially by Sky Patrol standards), and is an amalgam of previously used parts. His chest and arms were both borrowed from the Maverick figure, while the rest of him hails from Sneak-Peek.

declasso2 42 224x300 End at the DZ


Reign of the (foreign) Paratroopers continues

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Once again, there’s only one clear choice when you receive new carded figures from a foreign country: Open them and take lots of pictures. We’ll dispense with the flowery language, and get right doen to the good stuff: Alado (Crazylegs) and Condor(Airborne) from Argentina.

declasso2 24 224x300 Reign of the (foreign) Paratroopers continues

declasso2 25 224x300 Reign of the (foreign) Paratroopers continues


declasso2 27 223x300 Reign of the (foreign) Paratroopers continuesdeclasso2 26 1 224x300 Reign of the (foreign) Paratroopers continues


Reign of the (foreign) Paratroopers

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Not to be outdone by Sokerk, Fuego from Argentina has to put in an appearance. Fuego is a repaint of the Ripcord figure from the U.S. line, complete with the accessories sharing the same mold. Both his weapon and backpack are also different colors than the American release.

declasso2 23 224x300 Reign of the (foreign) Paratroopers

More after the jump.


JDSO: Joe Declassified Spec Ops podcast episode #4

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Declassified staff member Gyre-Viper has done it again. This episode, he and Patrick Stewart take an in-depth look into the cancelled Nano-BAT, Iron Klaw, and more!

Listen to the podcast here

npxxx3 JDSO: Joe Declassified Spec Ops podcast episode #4

Pictures for the episode, and a place to share your thoughts are in the forum. Enjoy!