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There’s only one good way to wrap up this focus on foreign Joe paratroopers (yes, I know Airborne wasn’t a paratrooper per se), and that’s to showcase some of the more noticeable foreign figures that fly through the sky. And when it comes to the air, the sky is owned by Sky Patrol – in this case: Albatroz and Aquia Comando

Aguia Comando is, simply put, one of the better kit-bashed figures to hail from foreign shores. As part of the Joe contingent of “Patrulha do Ar,” He applies an excellent paint scheme (especially by Sky Patrol standards), and is an amalgam of previously used parts. His chest and arms were both borrowed from the Maverick figure, while the rest of him hails from Sneak-Peek.

declasso2 42 224x300 End at the DZ

Albatroz isn’t so sweet on the eyes. Mixing teal and orange over an assemblage of Maverick’s head, Sneak=Peek’s chest and arms, and Knockdown’s waist and legs – it’s no surprise that this guy spends his time jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

declasso2 43 224x300 End at the DZ

Unfortunately, his helmet doesn’t fit so well over a collar it wasn’t designed for. It looks a little less odd when removed.

declasso2 41 300x223 End at the DZ

Altogether, though, the two figures have gotten increasingly harder to find in great condition. While I would hesitate to call them “rare,” the collector desire for figures that look so radically different from any American versions continues to rise.

declasso2 40 300x223 End at the DZ

So there you have it! That’s it for our current focus on foreign figures – no telling what will come next…In the meantime, here’s a parting shot of everyone assembled:

declasso2 44 300x223 End at the DZ

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