JDSO Podcast Episode #5

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Is up! You can either follow the “Podcast” tab at the top or the link at the bottom.
Clocking in at over two hours and armed with a mighty 100-plus images, we conjure up:

- an unproduced ARBCO play set!

- an unproduced version of General Hawk!

- confirm the answer to the mostly-unanswered 25 year old mystery of Low-Light’s leg!

- and we use our crystal ball to peer into where the past meets the future as we bring you in-hand images of the unreleased 30th Anniversary Night-Viper and Crimson Guard who are slated for resurrection in Wave 5 of Retaliation!

DSC 0156 240x300 JDSO Podcast Episode #5

Night Viper

DSC 0131 235x300 JDSO Podcast Episode #5

Listen to the podcast and discuss in the forum.

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