Booth Shots, pt. 2

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More from the GIJCon Declassified booth:

IMG 20120630 073931 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

L to R, top to bottom:

Presentation art for Bio Viper, presentation art for Slice.

Carded Korean Cobra Officer, carded Brazilian Letal, loose Letal, carded Funskool blue Snake-Eyes (1 of 3), carded Funskool Snake-Eyes (2 of 3).

Box for South Korean bootleg Dee-Jay model kit, carded Australian Rock & Roll, carded US Rock & Roll, loose Br. Rock & Roll, loose US Rock & Roll.

IMG 20120630 073920 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

Unique to this photo: All 3 carded Funskool blue Snake-Eyes, carded Japanese Rock & Roll.

IMG 20120630 073848 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

L to R, top to bottom:

Color presentation art for Nunchuk, refined Dorman pencil sketch for Sonic Fighter Dodger.

Carded Funskool blue Snake-Eyes, Funskool Beach-HEad, Funskool emerald Zap, “Argen 7.”

Boxed Mexican Rock & Roll, loose Ar. R&R, loose unknown figure (may be kitbashed), carded Ar. Ninja Ku.

IMG 20120630 073835 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

L to R, top to bottom:

Original Norem artwork for G.I.Joe book, in-house Hasbro copy of Gung-Ho presentation art, Brazilian Water Moccasin box, Br. Furion box, Br. carded Crystal Ball.

Brazilian Python Swampfire, Br. SM Battle Barge, Br. Slugger, Br. Furion (Rage), and Br. Water Moccasin w/Invasor.

IMG 20120630 073755 1 300x174 Booth Shots, pt. 2

IMG 20120630 073811 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

Top to bottom, left to right.

(on the wall) Refined unused concept art for Lobotomaxx, Refined concept art for Caracass

(laying flat) sketch for the creation of the buck used in the sculpting process for L:obotomaxx. U.S. carded salesmen samples for eventual Mexican figures. Mx. Predacon, Mx. Carcass, US Lobotomaxx, Mx. Lobotomaxx. Predacon testshot (on clear bag), Caracas hand painted resin (on clear bag)

IMG 20120630 073824 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 2

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