Tales from the Vault, Pt. 1

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With the current lull in new product and news, we figured it would be a good time to step back a bit and look at some history. So, here we go with with a look at the unproduced last wave of the 25th Anniversary figures.

“Wave 14″:

Often (read as: loosely) referred to as “Wave 14,” this unreleased wave would have actually been the 2nd wave of 2009 (after the Blowtorch and Resolute wave etc that actually did make it to retail). There are less than 7 and in some cases less than 5, carded samples of each figure accounted for in the hands of collectors. Some loose samples do of course exist as well. Special thanks to notpicard, cmnderinchief, Dryhawk37, acmilan8540, shdwknt, and ekko for information in regards to the samples that are out there in the hands of collectors.

The carded samples of this wave that have actually surfaced are as follows and as pictured:

-Night Force Falcon
(Two loose preproduction “versions” of this figure are known to exist, one with TF Flint’s short sleeved arms and one with the rolled-up Duke- sleeve arms. As far as I can tell, all the carded samples have the TF Flint arms. Night Force Falcon is the only figure from this collector-coveted, unreleased “14th” wave that has yet to actually be released officially in some form or another. However, the GJCC has announced that they will be releasing their own version of Night Force Falcon in the 2nd FSS (Figure Subscription Service). It will most likely differ from the canceled 25th Anniversary version pictured).

-Resolute Storm Shadow
(There is a loose preproduction “version” without tattoos that has been found. All found carded samples have the tattoos. Resolute Storm Shadow was of course later released as part of the Resolute 7 packs).

(While this B.A.T. was eventually released in the Defense of Cobra Island 7 pack, there are some differences between the “Wave 14″ B.A.T. and its later incarnation in the 7 packs. This “Wave 14″ B.A.T. has a different colored gun, paint wash (the 7 pack B.A.T. has no paint wash detail), the blue on the chest plate differs in tint between the two, and more vibrant colors for the Cobra logo and the red bits on the head exist on the “Wave 14″ version).

(The “Wave 14″ Zap has no mustache. Preproduction “versions” of this figure can also be found to have a gun color difference, shorter shells, and/or lower legs that are an unmatching shade of green to the rest of the figure. Also there is a slight “variation” in the file card write up where one sentence is worded differently. The “Wave 14″ Version reads: “He’s the team’s specialist…” and the released 7 pack version file card reads: “He’s a specialist…”).

jdwv144 300x190 Tales from the Vault, Pt. 1

jdwv142 300x199 Tales from the Vault, Pt. 1

jdwv14 291x300 Tales from the Vault, Pt. 1

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