Booth Shots, pt. 4

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Now that our interruption for SDCC is over, we can get back to taking a look at some of the amazing pieces on display at the Declassified booth at this year’s Joe Con!

IMG 20120701 091005 1 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 4

Top row, L To R:
Long Arm, Iguanus, Iguanus, Warwolf, Slythor.

Bottom row, L to R:
Hand painted Col. Courage resin, Col. Courage test shot, hand painted Flak Viper resin, primored resin Flak Viper, T.A.R.G.A.T. version 2 test shot, T.A.R.G.A.T. VSP with variant head.

IMG 20120630 074745 1 300x251 Booth Shots, pt. 4

Top row, L to R:
Crypto freeze sgt savage test shot, mock-up packaging for version 3 law with a test shot figure, 2001 Kay-bee Toy store Iguanas test shot, unproduced hand painted Funskool Iguanas, unproduced hand painted Funskool Warwolf, 2001 Kay-bee Toy store Slythor test shot.

Middle Row, L to R:
Eco Warrior Barbeque, primored resin Ice Cream soldier, Ice Cream soldier test shot, Slice test shot, Dr. Mindbender test shot, Cloudburst test shot, on the clear bag is Bullet proof hard resin, partial unproduced tomax resin.

Bottom Row, L to R:
Long Arm test shot, Armor Tech Rock N Roll test shot, Armor Tech Destro test shot, Armor Tech Heavy Duty test shot, Vapor test shot.

IMG 20120701 090959 1 1 300x254 Booth Shots, pt. 4

Top row, L to R:
Clear test shot/quality control piece to test the ninja function for Night Creeper, primored resin for Battle Corps Rangers Dr. Mind-Bender, primored resin for unproduced 1995 Ninja Commandos Flint, hand painted 1982 straight arm Scarlet test shot.

Bottom row, L to R:
Gold head steel brigade patch, Zombie-Viper resin, Xamot.

IMG 20120701 090952 1 1 300x156 Booth Shots, pt. 4

Top Row, L to R:
Primored Resin Ninja Commando Flint, Hand painted straight arm Scarlet test shot, 1982 straight arm Zap test shot, Breaker test shot, Grunt, Cobra Commander, Cobra Officer, Cobra Soldier.

Bottom Row, L to R:
Primored resin for the unused Tomax, 1982 straight arm Steeler test shot, Stalker, Rock ‘n Roll, Short Fuze, Hawk, Grand-Slam, Flash.

All of those test shots are from the 1982 straight arm figures.

IMG 20120701 090938 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 4

Star Brigade Roadblock mock-up with alternate bubble. Chinese comics and Sunbow pictorial summaries.

Still more to come! Bring us your questions and comments here!

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