Booth Shots, pt. 3

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Here we go again! Joe Con 2012:

IMG 20120630 074609 1 300x111 Booth Shots, pt. 3

L to R:

Storm Eagle wood pattern, Storm Eagle styrene model, Storm Eagle hard copy.

IMG 20120701 090842 3 279x300 Booth Shots, pt. 3

L to R, top to bottom:

Version 2 Lifeline proofcard, Flak-Viper presentation art.

Techno-Walker General Hawk 2-up paint master, with 1:1 hand painted resin lying flat; Techno-Walker Firefly 2-up paint master, 1983 Hasbro Appreciation gift to Hasbro employees of 25 years, 2-up paint master for Battle Rangers Shipwreck – with 2-up wax head and 1:1 primered resin below; custom Cobra Country Club patch made by James Kavanaugh Jr.

IMG 20120630 074634 11 300x265 Booth Shots, pt. 3

L to R, top to bottom:

Repeater presentation art, refined Sonic Major Bludd art, Sky Patrol Airborne proof card.

Internal sculpting buck, original 2-up hand sculpt for Ferret (by Bill Merklein), 2-up head for Cobra robot Techno-Walker, Hasbro in-house copy of the Darklon sculpt sheet, Darklon 1:1 hardcopy, Hasbro memo describing Darklon

IMG 20120630 074646 1 300x224 Booth Shots, pt. 3

A closer shot.

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