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So…What do you do when you open the mail and find a very pristine looking Argentinian G.I. Joe on an unpunched card?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you take some pictures – and then you open him up and take more pictures, so you can share with 300 or so of your friends!

Sokerk (v.1) isn’t particularly rare – it’s simply a matter of ponying up the cash for one. He’s a member of the Series 3 Argentina figures, and closely resembles the U.S. Falcon Pilot Grunt figure. His construction differs in that he uses the 1982 waist piece coupled with the swivel-arms of the 1983 figures (unlike the Argentinian Falcon Piloto).

Let us know what you think here.

Carded Sokerk v1:
declasso2 8 224x300 Sokerk

The loose figure:
declasso2 9 224x300 Sokerk

And since we’re here, it’s only fair to show off Sokerk v2. He’s made entirely from the Ripcord mold (and looks very much like a young Patrick Duffy):
declasso2 10 224x300 Sokerk

Both versions together:
declasso2 12 224x300 Sokerk

Of note, as well, is the color difference between the Argentina Sokerk and the U.S. Falcon Glider Grunt. Argentinian figure is pictured to the left, American figure to the right. Enjoy!
declasso2 11 300x223 Sokerk

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